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6in Digital Calipers

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Chances are, when you want to measure something you want it to be accurate. This is where a handy-dandy set of digital caliper becomes handy…dandy.

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$21.19 USD
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At one point, we’ve all found ourselves asking, “How long is that thing, anyways?” And how would you figure that out? A yardstick is clunky. Measuring tapes are plebeian. And a ruler? That’s downright uncivilized. What you need is a fancy set of 6″ digital callipers that measure in inches and millimeters, within an accuracy of 0.001″ or 0.02mm. They even have an auto-shut off feature, so that you can stretch out the life of the 1.5V LR44 button cell battery it runs on. And if you can’t stop yourself from quantifying distances, there’s a second battery included so you can keep getting your sweet, sweet measurement fix. Now if only it would display figures in Smoots


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