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Basic Tool Station Bundle

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Here is a good set of primary tools for setting up your electronics workstation. Getting the good stuff from the start makes for a MUCH more enjoyable experience.

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$69.98 USD
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When starting to develop a new skill set, you should aim for a minimum level of quality in the tools you pick. For example, sure – you could learn to fix your car with a vice-grip and screwdriver, but a good basic set of tools will make the experience so much better. The same applies to electronics. Basic quality tools only cost a bit more but will be so much better to work with.

This Tool Station Bundle is ideal for turning a basic bench into a usable electronics workstation. Everything will fit into a small tool box for portable use (please wait until the iron cools).

This bundle is complete with everything from screwdrivers, wire cutters and all the necessary hardware needed to get soldering. Hakko quality parts are well-respected, and will definitely be a pleasure to use over bargain-basement tools.

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