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Didel GM17 Encoder

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Here’s a really cool quadrature encoder and motor driver for the GM17 Gear motor designed by the micro-specialists at Didel.

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$11.95 USD
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The DIDEL ROM-Enco is not just a simple encoder that counts the blips as the wheel turns. It’s specially designed to mate with our GM17 gearmotors to offer these features:

  • Magnetic encoding detection, not optical!
  • Quadrature detection – know if it’s going clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • 3 pulses (6 edges) per motor rotation (* 228:1 reduction is 684 pulses per gearbox output shaft rotation)
  • Built-in motor driver
    • 3.5 to 6VDC input
    • PWM / PFM input frequency of 500~1000 Hz6
    • 800mA drive current (and with this motor, that’s plenty of power)
  • 6-pin connection interface (0.1″ spacing) with
    • 1 – Gnd
    • 2 – Vcc (3.5~6VDC)
    • 3 – Encoder channel 1
    • 4 – Encoder channel 2
    • 5 – Motor control 1
    • 6 – Motor control 2

We must warn you that to mount these encoders into the GM17 requires some skill. It requires some dismantling and modification to the motor body to install the ROM-Enco. Fortunately, DIDEL has put together an excellent step-by-step set of instructions for this purpose.

Note: This is just the encoder – GM17 gearmotor not included


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